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First what is hosting?  Simply, it is a computer connected to the internet.  Your website is on this computer and people can go to your domain name or URL (ie  www.yourdomain.com) and view your site.

A hosting company has many of these computers, plus other hardware, software, high speed connection(s) to the internet and knowledgeable staff.  Their business is to maintain the computers and their security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

When we talk about hosting we are in fact talking about renting space at a hosting company.  Think of it as a U-Store-It in cyberspace.  If your garage gets too full and you can not part with your stuff, you can go to the local U-Store-It place and rent a 10 X 10 foot (or larger) space to store your stuff.  For website hosting we are putting your stuff (website) into cyberstorage.

For the same price range which storage option would you choose from the images above?

When choosing a hosting company, like a U-Store-It company storage,   there are many to choose from, do your research.  Just because a website hosting company has a great website does not mean it is great website hosting company.   Most people do not physically see their hosting facility, many would be surprised!

As a general contactor, we use local hosting companies.  Yes, I said local.  We have agreements with these companies and have visited their facilities.  Being local is good. We know them they know us, if a problem with hosting arises, they are quickly resolved. 

There are many options for hosting out there,  from $0 to hundreds of dollars a month.  The choice of host companies can make or break you.  Choose a dependable, reliable company not just one with great pricing and a nice website.

From a search engine point of view, using many free hosting or discount hosting companies will drop your search engine ranking**.  Your host computers need to be up and running 24hours a day 7 days a week, excessive down time will also hurt your search engine positioning.

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** Many adult sites and other trash content sites use free or discount hosting companies.  The major search engines and directories recognize this and constantly monitor site content and trace unacceptable content to their hosting source.  These hosting sources are then banned from their systems.  If your site happens to be on one of these banned hosting sources you are out of luck.


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