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We would like to be your website design company, here are our strengths:
  • Each website design project is tailored to the needs of the business
  • Our website designs integrate features which support search engine traffic building
  • We understand cost and performance are the major concerns for businesses
  • We use proven methods to provide effective website design solutions
  • Results, client after client, is delighted with their measurable return of investment

MS Front Page is used as a design platform to give business owner(s) the option of updating and maintaining their websites.

Website design is not just a graphic available on the internet.  It is an online color brochure/catalog, ranging from a single page to unlimited pages, either static, dynamic or interactive.

Our design approach, tends to be simple and logically structured.  Everyone on the internet is a executive, who, expects quick and easy access to information.  So we balance the look and function to provide businesses with good solid website solutions.

Did we mention search engines and maintenance?  These too are addressed in the website design. 

As a website general contractor we understand a successful website needs to be found by search engines and updated from time to time.  Our designers understand the working of search engines and what they need for content and site access to effectively index your site.  We are also in tuned to each specific customer's need for website maintenance, after all we maintain many of the sites we develop for our customers.

We also have many customers who desire to maintain part or all of their website.  So maintenance is a consideration in the development of pages and navigation systems and the primary reason we use MS Front Page as a design platform.

Although MS Front Page has many "features and tools", most of these we do not use.  It is the visual editor (wysiwyg) and familiarity to Microsoft products many business have that makes this editor attractive.  Typically, it takes about one hour to train a client to maintain the text portion of their site.

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