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Websites Basics 101  
What is a website? Hosting? Search Engines?  Successful websites begin with the basics and understanding the basics:

Marketing - The Art of being noticed and wanted.

Effective websites require two things: 1) a good design 2) people finding the site

Website vs. Webpage - If you think of the internet as a library, a website would be a book. A Webpage would be a page or chapter of a book.

Who uses the InternetExecutives, almost everyone using the internet to look for information has the mind set of a top executive. They want to find what they are looking for quickly, click click click if they don�t find it they move on.

Website Design - Website design is not just a graphic available on the internet. It is an online color brochure/catalog, ranging from a single page to unlimited pages, either static, dynamic or interactive. A good design will be simple and logically structured with a balance of look and function.

Domain Name � your www.yourname.com is usually register for several years and is renewable

Hosting - Simply, it is a computer connected to the internet. Your website is on this computer and people can go to your domain name or URL (ie www.yourdomain.com) to view your site.  Quality hosting is available at around $25, discount and free hosting is available but not recommended for those looking for successful websites.

Can I host my own website?  Well, yes but it is not recommended for many reasons.

Search Engines � Food and feeders. There are a hand full of search engines and directories that �stand alone� and are the source (food) for 85% of all searches. Most of the other search engines feed off these for their results.

Focused Filtered Traffic - Just generating traffic on your site is easier than "focused filtered traffic".

Lets say you own a restaurant in Harrisburg, Pa. If you get traffic using the generic word "restaurant", your traffic could be from anywhere in the world. From a traffic count this would look to be successful, but from a business success this would mean little. If however your traffic was generated using "Harrisburg Restaurant", the site traffic would be lower, but the business interest much higher.

Placements � Having keywords or keyword phrases resulting in your website link being displayed on page 1 or 2 of a search engine or directory.

Success in search engine marketing is more than focusing on only one industry specific word or term. The best method is to choose multiple words and phases, determine which of the phrases people are using and tuning the site to be found using these. Then getting as many placements as possible on these words on the major engines and directories.
Note: It will be almost impossible to get placement on all of your keyword phrases in all engines. However, you should be able to have some of the words place well in each engines.

Search Engines - a complex program which quickly searches a set of websites for information. Typically the search engine will only search the sites which have been submitted for registration.

Directory - a database index of websites arranged by content, name and other parameters which can be searched. Again you need to be in the directory to be found.

In simple terms each Search Engine and Directory is like a separate internet phone book. You need to request placement in them or chances are you are not there. The bad news is there thousands of these search engines and directories. The good news is that a small hand full (or two) are used by almost 100% of the internet users.

Pricing - a couple of years ago submittals and listings in search engines and directories were free, but with the fall of the dotcom industry and associated advertising revenues, up came the fees for listings and submittals.

We look forward to discussing your website needs.

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