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Search Engines  
Good search engine placements are the result of good design and correct submitting procedures.  This will result in "focused filtered traffic".

Ok, so you noticed the (s) on placements and "focused filtered traffic", first "focused filtered traffic".  

Focused Filtered Traffic - Just generating traffic on your site is easier than "focused filtered traffic".  Lets say you own a restaurant in Harrisburg, Pa.  If you get traffic using the  generic word "restaurant", your traffic could be from anywhere in the world.  From a traffic count this would look to be successful, but from a business success this would mean little.  If however your traffic was generated using "Harrisburg Restaurant", the site traffic would be lower, but the business interest much higher.

Now you get the idea about focusing and filtering traffic we also look at "placements".   

Placements - Success in search engine marketing is more than focusing on only one industry specific word or term.  The best method is to choose multiple words and phases, ie Harrisburg Restaurant, Harrisburg Dining, Central PA Restaurants, etc.  Then determine which of the phrases people are using and tuning the site to be found using these.  The next step is focusing the site design on these words, then getting placement on these words on the major engines and directories. 

For example lets say we have 10 keyword phrases and 5 search engines.  It will be almost impossible to place all 10 words well in all 5 engines.  However, you should be able to have some of the words place well in all engines.

Did I say simple?  Well, the concept is simple implementing requires knowledge and the right tools.

The subject of search engine and directory listings is complex.  First what are search engines and directories......here are our definitions:

Search Engines - a complex program which quickly searches a set of websites for information.  Typically the search engine will only search the sites which have been submitted for registration.

Directory - a database index of websites arranged by content, name and other parameters which can be searched. Again you need to be in the directory to be found.

In simple terms each Search Engine and Directory is like a separate internet phone book.  You need to request placement in them or chances are you are not there.

The bad news is there thousands of these search engines and directories.  The good news is that a small hand full (or two) are used by almost 100% of the web surfers.

The field is always changing  there are corporate dynamics, profitability and agreements between these companies that constantly change.

Today's leaders may include names like :   Open directory project, Google, Yahoo, inktomi , Lycos, Altavista , Teoma, Overture

Pricing - a couple of years ago submittals and listings in these were free, but with the fall of the dotcom industry and advertising revenues, up came the fees for listings and submittals.

Each search engine needs to be addressed as an independent entity, however there are also corporate dynamics as agreements which exist between these companies and change over time. Pricing changes are dynamic as search engines and directories are looking to stay or get profitable, the submittal and spidering fees constantly change.

The search engine marketing needs of each business differ, but all search engine marketing should begin with a solid spider friendly website design and keyword/meta tag optimization.

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