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 The Art of being noticed and wanted is Marketing.

Each business has an approach to Marketing.  It can be the placement of the business in a high traffic area, or simply networking. Business cards, brochures, trade shows, memberships in business and professional organizations, print ads, radio spots, TV, signage, event sponsoring, cold calls, direct mailings........ are all part of marketing and the list goes on and on.

Thrown into the mix is your website.  And your website should be an integral part of your marketing.  If nothing else your website should complement your other forms of advertising....ie for more information go to www.yourdomain.com.

Let us focus on strengthening  your website as a marketing tool.  Here are the basic considerations:

  1. The website should be designed with the customer in mind.
  2. It should be logical, easy to navigate and load quickly.
  3. It should be search engine friendly
  4. It should be registered to the major search engines and directories (not just submitted)
  5. You should have a link plan.

Proper incorporation of these basics and your site will start working for you.  That is instead of being a static go here for more information tool, it should now begin to generate inquires outside of your other marketing efforts and start paying for itself.

Many local Harrisburg Area businesses benefit from their link on the high profile website  www.HarrisburgWebsites.com.

We have also been working on a local internet / website problem: There are thousands of local companies with websites, but how do people find them? If you have a website you know the issue. How can you find filtered, focused traffic looking for local goods and services?

Our solution is a local community website, with the main focus on being a �local directory�. Over five years ago we started working on our community website www.HarrisburgWebsites.com. Frankly, other companies attempting similar projects have come in strong and fizzled out quickly. We have steadily built our site and our site search engine rankings. Now we have between 15,000 to 17,000 filtered focused visitors each month (over 110,000 hits a month) and growing! We want your business to be a part of this growing �local directory� too!  Contact us for the current pricing.











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